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DSI provides VMWare and Hyper-V (a Microsoft product) technology services

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We will help you and your company to:
1. Operate your IT operations better, smarter, and faster.
2. Reduce your IT cost on hardware purchasing, utility cost, server housing cost and more.
3. Protect your IT infrastructure to ensure business continuity.
4. Improve your IT application development and deployment life cycle.
5. And more...

Key Solutions

Infrastructure Optimization Infrastructure Optimization - bring unmanageable server sprawl under control by using virtualisation to run multiple workloads on fewer servers and to reduce future needs for physical servers, reduce future needs for physical servers, and reduce datacenter operating costs.

Business Continuity Business Continuity - keep systems up and running through simple, reliable data protection and pervasive failover protection.

Management & Automation Management & Automation - Provide flexible IT services that respond to changing business conditions and eliminate downtime while remaining in compliance by increasing automation in the datacenter.

Enterprise Desktop Enterprise Desktop - Provide a full corporate desktop image through a centrally stored, managed, and secured location or provide independent desktop images stored on the client with a security layer for assured desktop computing.